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December 1, 2009

Hello all. Many of you you know that we have recently been given the chance to become a subgroup of the Wagner Policy Alliance. Since there is much overlap with the issues focused on by the WPA, we feel this will be a really great partnership. In addition to having full opportunity to host our own events, WFPA will now have access to funds and room reservations at Puck.

BUT, since Lee and I aren’t the only two interested in this fascinating area of food politics, we can’t and don’t want to do this alone. We would love to speak with those interested in taking on some responsibility as we develop the group.  Since we are a Wagner student group, we will need to currently restrict the “spearheading” of events to Wagner students. I apologize to all the Steinhardt folks, but please pass along ANY opinions and advice you have.

We have two upcoming events we will definitely need help and feedback with in the months to come. First, we’ve been invited to have a sizable role in IPSA’s Spring Conference themed “Global Food Security.” I’ve been told this is one of the largest events put on at Wagner each year. Hanan, the President of IPSA, has said…

“We are currently exploring options for student groups to collaborate with us on the four afternoon breakout sessions.  The themes we have identified are women and girls, nutrition, domestic/urban, indigenous peoples, and environment. If you think your group would like to join in the process, I think that would be great.”

Are any of you interested in being on a sub-committee to help this develop??

Second, there is going to be an event co-sponsored by WPA, WTA and WEPA on green energy or something of that sort. I’ve been told we could have a lot of say in how the programming is going to look since they haven’t really begun to plan things out yet.

In addition to these two events, Lee and I have talked about having the film, Fresh, shown at Puck and having asemester kick-off event in the spring. Good food will most definitely be an element of this.

Lastly, we are having a meeting on Wednesday, December 9th at 6p. During that time, we’d like to discuss how you all would like to go about structure officer positions. We’ll probably hold elections in the spring. If you have concerns about this date/time, please contact me at

Next meeting – Wed, Dec 9th @ 6p (Puck at 295 Lafayette Street in the Lafayette Room)
Spring events – IPSA Spring Conference, WPA/WTA/WEPA event, Spring Kick-off, Fresh screening
Ponder – do you want to get more involved? have any ideas for the group? want to run to be an officer? what are some things you want to get out of this group??

Thanks everyone!

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