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WFPA Discussion w/ Kersh POSTPONED

February 9, 2010

UPDATE: Next week, Professor Kersh will open with an overview of food policy at the federal level in 2010, speaking specifically on Congressional action and White House activity (Michelle Obama’s recently announced initiative).  Then will zero in on obesity and any other issues the group would like to discuss.

Let me know if there is anything more specific-topical within that realm of discussion you guys (who will be able to attend) want to discuss. In addition, for more information about Michelle Obama’s call to action, please see the following links or the post, Let’s Move!, written by Meb Byrne (below). Thanks!

Hello everyone,

Though its not (entirely) certain whether or not we will have extreme  snow tomorrow, I have decided to go ahead and postpone this week’s discussion session with Professor Rogan Kersh for NEXT WEDNESDAY, FEB 17th at the same time (3:00p). I will send a message out in the next few days regarding the new location for this changed date. Sorry if this causes any problems!! Thanks all.



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