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Food Systems talks at NYU Steinhardt this week

April 19, 2010

Hi there, fellow food wonks! I just found out about a few upcoming events that might be of interest. Both are happening at the NYU Food Studies department, on the 10th floor of the Steinhardt building. Update: Please email Jennifer Berg ( if you plan to attend. Thanks!

Carolyn Dimitri, Economic Research Service, USDA, “Perspectives on local food usage in Maryland schools”

Wednesday 21 April, 12:30-1:15 PM
35 West 4th Street, Room 1078

According to the email I got about this event, “Dr. Dimitri is an economist whose research focuses on organic markets. This talk is part of a new project on local foods in Maryland K-12 schools.” I for one have an enormous nerd crush on the USDA ERS, so I’m really excited about this talk and hope I can attend (and write a follow-up post about it). Unfortunately I don’t have as many details about the next one:

Allison Hayes-Conroy, Visiting Scholar, Bryn Mawr College

Friday 23 April, 11:30 AM-12:15 PM
35 West 4th Street, Room 1078

All I know about this talk is that “Dr. Hayes-Conroy is a geographer whose work focuses on gender and markets,” but a quick Google search about her reveals her affiliation with Bryn Mawr’s Growth and Structure of Cities department, so maybe she’ll have a thing or two to say for those of us interested in planning?

Anyway, just thought I’d pass those along. Post a comment if you’re going!

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