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People’s Garden

August 17, 2010

Like many good food-minded people of our generation, many of us in the WFPA find value in digging into fresh, dark soil with our own hands. We like to know where are our foods are grown and how they are harvested. We like transparency, fresh and locally-driven initiatives. And we like to be active in shaping, for the better, the community around us.

As a result, we are big fans of the work Daniel Bowman Simon has put into seeking a space for a garden on NYU soil. The People’s Garden NYU would be a gated grass area behind Silver Towers in the area facing Houston Street between Mercer Street and LaGuardia Place, where students could plant a vegetable garden. The area is of particular interest to WFPA because it is right around the corner from Puck! The garden would serve as an outdoor classroom for NYU students and neighborhood youth, could be harvested to donate to nearby food pantries, and would be a beautiful and tangibly visible commitment to NYU’s dedication to public service, creative teaching, innovative research practices, and environmental stewardship. To the right is a rendering of what the space could look like.

A few points to make known, while you contemplate the benefit of such a project:

To learn more on how you can help make this goal a reality for our community, please contact Daniel Bowman Simon ( For information on how you can volunteer at the garden, contact You can also print petition forms to canvas your community! If interested, let us know how you want to get involved.

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