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PLANEAT Screening at Lincoln Center

May 23, 2011

PLANEAT elevates the links between our food systems and our climate:
When food is the problem.. can food be the solution?

Mon May 23: 6:30 pm

Student tickets: $9
General tickets: $12


This visually stunning film from filmmakers Shelley Lee Davis and Or Shlomi tells the story of the scientists, farmers and chefs tackling one of the greatest problems of our age: Western culture’s love affair with meat and dairy. Through an extraordinary personal and mouthwatering culinary journey, we discover the wide range of medical and environmental benefits of eating our veggies. The film features the ground-breaking work of Dr. T. Colin Campbell in China exploring the link between diet and disease, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.’s use of diet to treat heart disease patients, and Professor Gidon Eshel’s investigations into how to feed an ever-burgeoning population in the midst of global warming. With the help of some innovative chefs and farmers, we are shown how the problems we face today can be solved, without simply resorting to a diet of lentils and lettuce leaves.

Preceded by
What to Eat
Jesse Ash & Phil Buccellato, 2011; 5 min

Produced by Farm Sanctuary, a light look at answering the daily question..what’s for dinner?

Q&A with Jesse Ash & Phil Buccellato and Joey Lee from Meatless Monday.



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