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Spring 2012: Food Policy Courses

December 5, 2011

Courses of interest related to food policy with Professor Carolyn Dimitri


Mondays at 6:45PM
Section 02, Carolyn Dimitri

The goal of the course is to develop an intermediate level understanding of the microeconomics of consumers, starting from the individual choice and moving up to market demand. After the first half of the course – in which the theoretical tools are developed – the focus shifts to applications of how the consumer functions, as an economic agent, in the food system. The course is designed for policy interested food studies students with little or no background in economics, or for those who have completed an introductory course that used a text on par with Krugman and Wells.


Wednesdays at 4:55PM
Section 02- Carolyn Dimitri

This course explore organic agriculture from multiple angles, starting with a historical exploration of organic and finishing with policy approaches to organic. In the process, we study the organic food system from the farm to the table, and discuss (among other topics) the multiple environmental benefits of organic and the international trade of organic products. There are no prerequisites to this class.

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