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Meatless Mondays Launch at NYU

March 1, 2012

The launch of Meatless Mondays marks the beginning of the

Climate Change: It’s What’s For Dinner campaign

Connecting the dots between the environmental impacts of the meat industry
and the choices we can make to lower our carbon impact every day, one meal at a time.


Supported by a Green Grant from the NYU Office of Sustainability and in collaboration with the Wagner Food Policy Alliance, the Wagner Climate Coalition, the Department of Food Studies at Steinhardt and NYU Law Student Animal Legal Defense Fund, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Meatless Mondays at NYU


Rudin Forum, Puck Building 2nd Floor
295 Lafayette St. at Houston


Why Meatless?  Why Monday?

What exactly are Meatless Mondays? Find out why they’re sweeping the nation, who’s taking part, why they’re doing it, and how you can join them.  Take 3 minutes and check out this video, currently a finalist for the TED “videos worth spreading”:  Meatless Mondays in a Nutshell

I know, I know – change is hard.  But once a week is very doable and your pledge will be counting towards a wider NYU movement to measure our climate impact.  Be a part of powerful collective action. (Also known as peer pressure with a cause.) You can be a Monday vegetarian, a weekday vegetarian, a flexitarian or a long-time committed vegan, it all makes a difference.  Come join us THIS MONDAY and dig into some free veggie eats.

Never tried fake meat before?  OR maybe you’ve tried it and you weren’t impressed?  No matter where you fall on the spectrum, (ahem – yes, even if you love meat!), forget the bland tofu and come on out to taste fake meat done right with some seriously delicious food from a popular local vegan bistro, Sacred Chow.

We didn’t skimp on the selections, so come hungry and fill a plate with:

  • Indonesian Roasted Tempeh
  • Orange Blackstrap Barbecue Seitan
  • Root Vegetable Latkes with Indonesian Date Butter
  • Griddled Shiitake Mushroom
  • Shredded Tofu Spa Salad
  • Sliced Ginger Soba Noodles
  • Dijon Marinated Raw Kale
  • Cesar Salad
  • Steamed Brown Rice
  • Banana Pound Cake

Besides the free lunch, come to check out the vegetarian food prep workshop by our very own Wagnerd and Food Policy Alliance Co-Chair, Ryan Brown at 1PM.  
Then make your pledge (!) and join the movement to cut the meat once a week. You’ll get yourself a fancy button to flaunt your MM-veg status, tasty recipe ideas and tips on sustainable eats around NYU.

Help us spill the beans: invite your friends!

See you there,

and the crew behind The Climate Change: It’s What’s For Dinner campaign


Can’t make it to this one?  Save the date for upcoming events:

  • Monday, April 2nd
  • Monday, May 7th in Rudin | 12-2PM

Follow the action @NYUmeatless  |  Questions?  email

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