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Get Involved

You’re interested in being a more integral part of the food policy alliance community?  Great. There are plenty of ways to plug in.

From rooftop farm volunteer days to speakers and events covering international food security, US legislation and the upcoming Farm Bill, discussions about how food policy and education is playing out in NYC, the intersection of climate change and food systems, or joining our community of guest bloggers, we’d love to see you around the city.  A good place to start is by checking our events calendar, staying connected with us via facebook,  twitter and instagram, or join the listserv by email


For community outreach and to help organize an event: email Eddie Shumard at edshumard at or Keely Gerhold at kag502 at

To contribute to the blog: reach out to Siobhan Wallace at smw500 at

For NYC area student groups and to join the Student FoodEDU Collaborative: contact Chandan Sharma at cs2315 at

To post events on our site and in our newsletter, fill out our event submission form.

General questions and feedback are always welcome at wagnerfpa at